Spearfishing Marathon

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When choosing a speargun you have to take into account that a manufacturer has made each gun and model with a specific purpose. Here, we will look at the different characteristics that the guns share. These characteristics will dictate the types and sizes of the fish you can hunt along with the type of underwater terrain.

Weight : Weight is a very important factor when considering recoil and gun power. The more power you give the gun the more recoil it will have so you have to counteract the power with weight. This will reduce the recoil back to a manageable amount.

Power: Power is another big factor in shot distance and impact. The power in these guns is derived from two sources. These sources are compressed air and surgical rubber bands. The band guns can house anywhere from one to six bands depending on the designated use.

Balance: Balance is a crucial aspect when firing the gun at the fish. You want the gun to be neutrally buoyant from front to back so that when you aim you don’t shoot above or below the fish.

Shaft Diameter: Shaft diameter is a key player in shaft speed, shot distance and penetrating power. Thin shafts start at about 6mm and go up to 8mm and bigger. Shaft Speed depends on shaft diameter in conjunction with the bands used. The lighter the shaft the faster the speed but your inertia is decreased because of the lighter shaft. Therefore resulting in less penetrating power on your longer shots.

Muzzle Type: Muzzle type is a preference from diver to diver. It is located on the front end of the spear gun and houses the bands and the exit point of the shaft.

  1. Closed muzzle: such as those used on some rail guns have an enclosed hole at the end of the gun that the shaft passes through. These muzzles hold one of the bands in a more inline path with the shaft where the second band is placed just under the first in most cases.

  2. Open Muzzles: are usually incorporated into the barrel of the gun placing the bands slightly below the shaft. Open Muzzles are sometimes preferred by divers because they allow the shooter to look down the shaft as a means of sighting the gun rather having to look through the hole of the closed muzzle.

Bands: The striking ability of the gun is strictly based on the power that the bands provide. There are several ways to increase and decrease the power of your gun.

  1. Diameter: Bands come in many different diameters that reflect power. The common sizes you will see on the market include 9/16”or 14mm, 5/8”or 16mm , and 3/4”or 19mm.

  2. Length: The length of your bands need to be specific to your gun length because bands have a certain stretch that is optimal for firing your shaft. I.e. you will be underpowered with a band that is too long and overpowered if it is to short.

  3. Wishbone: Wishbones are the piece of the band that actually hook into the shaft so that it may be propelled forward. Wishbones are made of metal or dyneema.

  1. Metal wishbones can be fixed or articulated. Articulated wishbones have hinges on the side so that they stay straight as you pull them to the back of the shaft.

  2. Dyneema is a very strong type of soft cord that is used to affix the band to the back of the shaft. When using more than one band to propel the shaft these types of wishbones are often used.


  1. Shape: As most of the barrels are circular in shape some of the guns have barrels that are elongated more in one direction or the other. In the recent past some manufacturers have been taking hydrodynamics into consideration when shaping their barrels. These newer guns have made it easier to track fish while aiming and following your target.

  2. Density: The density of the gun barrel dictates the recoil that passed to the users hand. Some rail guns that have light shafts are also very light because they don’t need a very dense barrel to offset the recoil from the shaft.

At Captain Hook’s, we have carefully selected the types of guns that will best suit each of our keys hunters. In doing that we have arranged the guns from price to performance level so that you may easily find that perfect gun for your underwater hunting needs. First, please take a look at the characteristics that make up each gun. They are the integral components that give each gun its purpose.

Riffe: Riffe has several types of guns ranging from mid-handle guns, rear-handle guns, and euro-style guns. Riffe’s in general are made of a laminated teak barrel which is very dense. Therefore, these guns shoot a larger diameter shaft which allows you to take some of the larger target fish. Riffe’s all have an open muzzle. All guns can hold two bands and select models can hold up to 4 or more.

Andre:  Handcrafted teakwood, these spearguns are finely tuned and balanced for accuracy and stealthy firing.  They are as pretty as they are lethal.  We carry the Gold Series and will soon carry the Euro design.

Hammerhead: Hammerhead guns are classified as a rail gun because of its barrel style. These guns also have an open muzzle and hold two bands. Hammerhead spearguns were rated the most accurate gun by Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine.

Mares: Mares has recently introduced a new generation speargun that incorporates a new cuddle fish design with the tried and true styles of their older generation guns. The combination gives you a well rounded gun that tracks easily and shoots smoothly.  Their bands are adaptable to a varieity of gun and can be threaded through the muzzle with a wishbone to connect it all.

Cressi: Cressi Spearguns are a very light maneuverable speargun that is quick and is easily reloaded to fire at your next target.  We carry the Geronimo series. 

OMER:  The gun we carry is the Kanaloa series, which features an open muzzle and a silver anodized integrated rail aluminum barrel joined to a handle. This handle is the most reliable, comfortable, safe trigger mechanism on the market today.  Your hand just molds to it because of its ergonomic design.  Kanaloa comes stock with an America 17/64" (6.75mm) threeshark fin shaft with cheater tab which also features our penetration cone. The rubber "comfy butt" makes loading more comfortable and the hand-tied single rubber comes with a soft wishbone.  Great gun.

JBL:  The Carbine series is usually the speargun of the beginner.  Everyone has had a Carbine at sometime in their shooting career.  It is the lowest cost gun we carry and for us always sells well because it doesn’t cost and arm & a leg.

Choosing a Speargun